FUJI FILM IS Mini LUT Generator – A little box with a big bang!


With so many digital cameras offering log capabilities, on set viewing for the cinematographer has never been so crucial.
Fuji film is now offering an incredible compact & affordable solution for on set LUT viewing.
Users now have the option to apply built in LUTs or to work with Live Grade or Resolve for real time on set monitoring.

Now Available at HD Optics.


Digital color adjustment device used for on-set camera preview and for monitor calibration for professional motion picture productions.
Small and lightweight with outputs for both HD-SDI and HDMI.
The IS-mini utilizes 3D color LUTs in cube sizes almost 50% larger than other products enabling much more accurate image display for on-set production and post-house environments. Included Mini Manager software incorporates 3-wheel color correction capability. Monitor calibrations can be done in less than 10 minutes.

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