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Jim Henson Co. Sets New Puppet Talk Show at Disney+


HD Optics & Camera is excited to have provided the Jim Henson Co and Disney + our CINEPAK LIVE camera System designed specifically for Cinematic Multicam.

Earth To Ned

Shot with four Arri Amiras, C- Motion Live Iris Control, Real time Line Cut, On Set Play back, and video distribution to over thirty monitors providing ISO’s, Multi-views or Line-cut to puppeteers, and the production team.

ARRI Amira Multicam Set Up

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Arri Anamorphic Cameras Go Live To Capture Bad Bunny & Kali Uchis.


Cinepak Live

Taking Cinematic Multi-Cam To The Next Level

The second annual Pornhub Awards  streamed live from the Orpheum theater in downtown Los Angeles on October 12th.

HD Optics & Camera teamed up with All Mobile Video to seamlessly integrate Arri Mini’s lensed with Cooke Special Flares and Hawk Anamorphic zooms to capture the evenings music performances and awards ceremony.

Our workflows used MultiDyne 4k5 Fiber systems for Tripods, Slider and Moviebird and AVS’s Wireless system for both steadicams.

Cinepak Live integrated seamlessly with All Mobile’s 63′ Sterling Broadcast truck allowing for live paint (grade) and iris control on all cameras affording both the Director & Cinematographer complete control of the look and feel throughout the show.

Watch Kali Uchis Loner Performance

Jharrel Jerome Wins First Emmy for Lead Actor in ‘When They See Us’


HD Optics & Camera was proud to be a part of Neflix & OWN’s one hour special, “When They See Us Now”, hosted by Oprah Winfrey.

HDOC provided our Cinematic Multicam System to capture an amazing and heart felt evening with the entire cast and crew of “When They See Us”.

Comparing Anamorphics has another instructive lens test. This time, they compare the Cineovision, Angenieux Optimo, Kowa Prominar, Cooke, Vantage Hawk C-series, and Vantage Hawk V-lite Anamorphic lenses, using the Arri Alexa Mini & Red Weapon.

Overall, there’s an excellent description of common anamorphic properties, plus video from the tests; well worth your time to read in full.

Take a look at our full line of Anamorphic and Spherical lenses. And to schedule a test of your own, please call us at (818)563-2020 or email for availability.